Westwood Cemetery is committed to providing compassionate care. We recognize that every person’s needs are unique. In-ground grave sites as well as above ground (Mausoleum) sites are available. Whether you are choosing a grave, crypt or niche, Westwood Cemetery encourages you to make an appointment to visit the Cemetery and pre-select a burial space.

We pride ourselves in honoring each family’s loved ones through encouraging services and headstones that celebrate the lives of those lost. 

Grave Sales (In-Ground)

Westwood Cemetery offers Side by Side accommodations. Each grave will hold one casket and one urn.
Vaults are required for all in-ground burials to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved one’s casket.

​Grave Sales (Cremains Grave)

​Westwood Cemetery offers Cremains graves for those that would prefer to place the urn of their loved one’s ashes in the ground.

Grave Sales (Infant)

​Westwood Cemetery offers a special area for infants, toddlers and young children. Smaller headstones and nightlights are common in this area. Childlike adornments are permitted.


​​Interments take place Monday – Friday during standard business hours. All interments include time for a graveside service. Saturday morning interments are available. Please note there is an overtime charge for Saturdays. Interments are not permitted on Sundays, January 1, Good Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.